Privacy Policy

Diligex Keeps Personal Information Private and Diligex Limits Use of Personal Information

The information Diligex receives depends upon what you do when you visit the Diligex website (as detailed below) and how you use the Services. Unless Diligex has your permission, Diligex does not share with third parties any personal information you provide to Diligex. By “personal information” Diligex means information that can be used to identify or contact you, such as your name, e-mail address, mailing address, telephone number, fax number, and billing, payment, usage, credit and transaction information (including credit card numbers, account numbers, and social security and taxpayer identification numbers). By “third parties” Diligex means anyone who is not directly involved in the maintenance or running of the Diligex website or the Services.

Diligex uses personal information you provide to Diligex (on the Diligex website, or by email, fax, or correspondence, or the use of the Services) strictly for the purposes for which you have provided it. For example, if you request information about a product and provide us with contact information (which may include personal information, such as an e-mail address, mailing address, or phone number), Diligex will use that information to contact you regarding your request. In addition, Diligex may use your personal information, for example, to deliver free promotional materials or newsletters to you. If you prefer not to receive such information from us, simply notify us to that effect.

To measure our visitors’ and customers’ interest in and use of various areas of the Diligex website, and Diligex’s products and the Services, Diligex may rely upon aggregate information. By “aggregate information” Diligex means information that does not identify you, such as web pages viewed on the Diligex website. With this aggregate information, Diligex may monitor visitor traffic patterns, usage of the Diligex website, and undertake to improve the Diligex website’s layout and design. Diligex may also use aggregate information to assist in the marketing of Diligex’s products and the Services.

If you are a customer of Diligex, Diligex uses your personal information to provide, confirm, change, bill, monitor, and resolve problems with the Services or their quality. Diligex may also use your personal information to develop, market, and sell Diligex products and the Services to you.

Security Of The Personal Information You Provide To Diligex

Each of Diligex’s employees abides by the Privacy Policy and applicable legal requirements, and only authorized employees have access to your personal information. Diligex has implemented technology and security features to safeguard the privacy of your personal information. Diligex has in place security control systems designed to prevent unauthorized disclosure of your personal information.