Virtual Camaraderie – An experiment with Remote Workspaces

Nicholas WestgateBlog


Here at Diligex we handle 98% of our clients issues remotely, and for them that’s great, because in most cases that means minimum interruption to their work day!  What most people don’t know is that although we have an office in NYC, most of the time we are working from home. This has an incredible amount of benefits both personally … Read More

What we use: The Operating System

Graham CaparuloBlog

windows linux mac

OK, we admit it, we’re nerds. We live and breathe technology, day and night. In the IT Support business, one needs to stay abreast of new technologies. So we tinker, toy and test. Playing with devices and testing software is not only our job, but our hobby. As you can imagine, quite often a customer, friend and family member will … Read More