How Smart is Your Home?

Jovany SotoBlog

how smart is your home

It’s 2018 and smart technology is only getting smarter.  We’ve learned that we simply can not live without our smart phones (remember when we actually used phones to talk to people, cringe)!  And now that same technology is changing the way we live at home.  Welcome to the era of the Smart Home.  Whether it’s smart heating and cooling, smart … Read More

Last Minute Tech Toys For The Techies on Your List

Brandy SandinBlog

online shopping woman

Let’s begin with what we all really want this holiday season, peace on earth. We may achieve this on some small level in our own lives by avoiding the mall parking lot. So, put your jammies back on, find your favorite spot on the couch, curl up with your laptop and a cheerful libation. All of the gifts on this … Read More