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computer recycleAs an IT service provider, we receive a ton of questions asking if we will take or recycle old equipment from our clients. Unfortunately, we simply do not have the storage space to assist (our families already get upset about how many old toys we have!). However, the city has numerous options available, some of which could count as a deductible donation to charity in addition to being compliant with city ordinances. To assist, the Department of Sanitation has provided a collection of lists of acceptable charities, programs, and third-party recyclers that should provide plenty of information for you to locate a service that suits your business’ recycling needs.

A word of caution however: No matter how safe or trustworthy the recycling outlet is, make sure you destroy any personal data on your computers or devices before handing them in.  Or use a recycling service the will certify data destruction.

Also, if you have any personal experience with a particular recycling service in NYC, let us know your thoughts so we can pass them along!

New York City DoS – Electronics Recycling for Businesses

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