Case Studies

We’re proud to showcase some of our recent challenges and how our team crafted solutions to solve business problems

Nandana Villa

Grand Bahama Island, Bahamas

24×7 visibility, control and support

We were chosen to provide a comprehensive Managed IT solution for a luxury resort in the Bahamas which has been featured by Forbes Magazine, The Robb Report and dozens of other publications. This property relies on its data network, both wired and wireless for home automation, security, audio/video, internet access and telephones. Network downtime is not an option for the resorts or their guests.

The challenge:

  • Design a robust and secure hardware, monitoring and support solution
  • Monitor redundant internet providers and ensure automatic failover
  • Wireless network stability with seamless roaming throughout the property
  • Self healing and optimizing, mesh WiFi networking for areas of the resorts without ethernet cabling
  • Automatic device configuration backup
  • VoIP telephones with zero call quality issues
  • 24 x 7 monitoring and problem resolution
  • Hardware that can stand up to the harsh elements of the Caribbean (salt, water and extreme wind), with a lifetime warranty.
  • Ensure network security and data isolation between various virtual networks

The solution:

  • Given the requirement of 100% visibility into the entire data and voice network, we chose Cisco Meraki as the management and hardware platform. Meraki’s cloud based, unified platform offers us a single pane of glass to see all traffic on the network, both internal and external.
  • Combining Meraki with Diligex’s Managed IT platform and our 24x7x365 service desk provides the property manager with immediate assistance should the need arise. More often than not, our system identifies issues before they impact the property.
  • Diligex and Cisco Meraki automatically backup device configurations and provide advanced hardware replacement. This allows for rapid service restoration in the event of a hardware failure

The Armory

Washington Heights, Manhattan, NY

Capacity and flexibility for a 250,000 sq. ft. space

The Armory oversees an indoor track and field center, houses the national track and field hall of fame, operates college prep and academic counseling services and rents its space to special events. The space and companies needs are diverse. We’re very proud to be supporting The Armory and its initiatives.

The challenge:

  • Consolidate an unmanageable mixture of HP, Cisco, Netgear, Ruckus, Aruba, Dell (the list goes on) network infrastructure down to a single and manageable platform.
  • Replace aging and failing CAT5 network extensions to fiber optic cable
  • Build out a WiFi network for a 65,000 sq. ft. arena supporting up to 4,500 attendees
  • Manage a diverse, dynamic, multi-use network across 25+ virtual networks
  • Ensure security and data isolation between various network tenants
  • Provide 24x7x365 network support
  • Manage server infrastructure to support The Armory’s Track and Field program
  • Provide supplemental onsite support during critical Track and Field or special events.

The solution:

  • Cisco Meraki was the logical choice given the diverse network requirements and physical layout of the building. The single pane of glass offers visibility and administration allows Diligex Engineers to: quickly identify and resolve network problems; provision new WiFi networks and VLAN’s; and isolate network congestion.
  • Cisco Meraki MR high density wireless access points are essential when tuning internet access for the 65,000 sq ft. track and field arena.
  • Diligex’s Managed IT platform maintains and manages on-premise and cloud servers which are critical to The Armory’s track and field operations.
  • Diligex Engineers work closely with The Armory’s onsite IT Staff to support the network and provide supplemental onsite support during large events

ION Marketing

New York, NY

100% Cloud – Coast to Coast

With offices in New York and Los Angeles and employees who travel 50% of the time, ION Marketing Group needed a better way access to their data. Access to email, collaboration tools and data needed to be consistent, regardless of employee location or their access device.

The challenge:

  • Shift server roles from on-premise physical hardware to a Cloud based SaaS model.
  • Provide a consistent and seamless method for accessing Email and data
  • The solution should not require any capital expenses and allow for cost fluctuation as user needs increase or decrease
  • The solution must be highly available and very secure, all while keeping operating costs in check
  • Allow for data access across Mac’s, PC’s, web browsers, mobile devices and BYOD in a secure manner
  • The ability to easily and securely share data with clients and partners
  • Absolutely ZERO business downtime.

The solution:

  • On-premises Exchange and file servers were migrated to Office 365. This not only reduced administrative overhead, but also increased reliability, availability and security.
  • Utilize Office 365’s included, OneDrive for both user personal and company shared data storage
  • Use Office Online instead of Office Apps to facilitate real-time collaboration between employees, clients and partners
  • With over 1TB of company shared data, we kept file synchronization down to an absolute minimum by utilizing Office Online
  • To ensure security and allow for BYOD, Office 365 and the ActiveSync protocol allow us to selectively wipe data from an employees personal device when they leave the company
  • End-user support is provided by our friendly and knowledgeable NYC Service Desk