Connect To Exchange Online PowerShell With MFA

Neil ChavezPro Tip

Enabling MFA for tenants in Office 365 has become ever present due to increase security. With this you may have noticed that your normal way of connecting to Exchange Online through PowerShell has not worked. This is because connecting to Exchange Online with MFA is a tad bit different and requires the Exchange Online PowerShell module for modern authentication. In … Read More

Grant Permissions To A User’s OneDrive

Neil ChavezPro Tip

There may be times when an Admin needs to grant access to a user’s OneDrive folder to another user. An example would be when an employee leaves the company and a Manager or someone else performing the job function of that employee needs access to their OneDrive location. Microsoft has an easy way of granting access to MS 365 Admins … Read More

Microsoft 365 Shared Calendars On The Native iOS Calendar App

Eric TateBlog, Pro Tip

Microsoft 365 Shared Calendars On The Native iOS Calendar App

With businesses increasingly moving to remote workforces, the need to access data on all of your devices has become more important than ever. If your company uses Microsoft 365 services there’s a good chance that you need access to not only your own personal calendar, but co-worker and company shared calendars as well. Microsoft has recognized this in recent years … Read More

Reinstalling macOS ConnectWise Automate Agent Via Control Commands

Eric TatePro Tip

If you utilize the ConnectWise suite of products to manage workstations that include Macs, you may have occasionally run into a need to reinstall your ConnectWise Automate agent due to lost communication or to troubleshoot a reporting issue. Whether it be due to a macOS update or a system issue, the ConnectWise Automate Mac agent has experienced occasional problems that … Read More

Hide the On-Premises Sync account from Azure AD

Graham CaparuloPro Tip

If you’re using a hybrid AD / Azure AD environment, you will be all too familiar with syncing user attributes such as msExchHideFromAddressLists and ShowInAddressList. The goal of which being to hide user and other object from the Global Address List (GAL) and other Address Lists. On installation and setup, Azure AD Connect creates an ‘Azure AD Connector account’ in … Read More