Cybersecurity Compliance

We help small businesses implement policies and controls to satisfy their specific industries cybersecurity compliance requirements.

The Cybersecurity Landscape Has Trickled Down To Businesses Of All Sizes.

Businesses of all sizes are being asked by their insurance carriers, investors and customers to take cybersecurity seriously.  We've developed a process to ensure that your business has the specific controls required for your industry. Our Cybersecurity Compliance Services are tailored specifically for small businesses and their budgets.

Our Security Consultants bring years of experience, hold industry recognized certifications and come from a background of both IT and business. We help you navigate and utilize well-known control frameworks including NIST CSF, HIPAA, HITRUST, PCI DSS and our general baseline recommendation for all businesses.

Our Consultants, coupled with our Managed IT Services, provide your  business with an ongoing cybersecurity framework which satisfies audits and keeps your data secure.

Let’s Talk

A Diligex Security Consultant will review your information then get back to you within a few hours to discuss your requirements and our pricing.

    Cybersecurity Compliance Components

    Enterprise level security, priced for small businesses.

    Awareness Training

    Baseline and ongoing security awareness training for your employees

    Security Risk Assessments

    Periodic Security Risk Assessments ensure that your business remains compliant

    Vulnerability Scans

    Internal and external scans of your network surface and address any security vulnerabilities

    Written Security Policy

    Every Cybersecurity program starts with a Policy Document. We help you craft it and keep it up to date

    Questionnaire and Audit Assistance

    We take the laborious task of answering the technical aspects of security questionnaires that you receive

    Security Best Practice

    We ensure that your IT environment adheres to industry best practice security standards. Learn more

    Multifactor Authentication

    Multifactor authentication is mandatory under any cybersecurity program. We take the pain out of implementing and managing MFA

    BYOD Policy

    Employee owned devices need to adhere to certain security requirements. We help you implement a secure and flexible BYOD policy

    Tired of filling out Cybersecurity questionnaires?

    Let Diligex handle them for you. We work with your business to ensure that you have the right security controls, policies and documents in place. No more guessing about what you have and who does what.

    Get started in 3 easy steps

    1. Introduction

    Start by booking an introductory call. A Security Consultant will talk to you about your business requirements.

    2. Assessment

    We perform an initial assessment to determine where your cybersecurity gaps are. We work with you the develop an information security policy.

    3. Ongoing Security

    We discuss remediation options and then ensure that your business is adhering to your information security policy.