Remote Desktop Access

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Remote Desktop is available to all Diligex Managed computers.  It allows you to remote into your work computer from a remote web browser.  It’s a convenient method to access your data and core applications. Although streaming media, audio, video from your work computer will pass through to your local computer over the remote connection, the performance may be sub-optimal.  We … Read More

Connect A Mobile Device To Your Office 365 Mailbox

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The following links explain the various options to connect a mobile device or tablet to your Office 365 Mailbox Android devices: Apple devices:

Local PC Administrator Access – A Risk Analysis

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When assigning permissions to users throughout any organization, best practice is to always assign only the permissions that are absolutely necessary.  In accordance with this principle, we always recommend that users use an account on their PC that does not have administrator permissions unless there is a strong business justification. When evaluating our call history, the vast majority of virus … Read More

Connecting to VDI Remotely

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Your Diligex Virtual Desktop and Applications can be accessed from any internet connected device.  For a ‘rich’ user experience you should install the Citrix WorkSpace App if and when prompted on the remote device that you’re trying to connect from.  Or you can use the ‘light’ user experience, which will utilize your web browser to display the desktop or application … Read More

Remote Desktop Access from IOS / Android devices – Direct ScreenConnect

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Machines covered by a Diligex Managed IT Watch or TotalCare plan may be accessed remotely from any web browser as well as Apple IOS (iPhone, iPad) and Android devices. Note: Diligex Support needs to enable this functionality manually.  If you have not specifically been notified that your machine is setup for direct ScreenConnect or mobile device access, then please request … Read More

Proactive Maintenance Activities

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Diligex performs scheduled proactive maintenance activities on all Managed IT PC’s, Mac’s and servers.  Maintenance and updates are critical to ensuring that machines are kept secure and running properly. Most maintenance is performed outside of business hours (with some exceptions).  In order for Diligex to perform maintenance on a machine, we must be able to reach the machine.  Therefore, machines … Read More

Managed IT Tray Icon

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Diligex Deploys its Tray Icon to all Managed IT PC’s, Mac’s and Servers.  The Tray Icon is the preferred method of creating a service ticket for your machine, as it automatically sends the machine name with the ticket.  Further, it allows the end user to include a screenshot of any errors on the screen. The Tray Icon also provides quick … Read More

Ticket Lifecycle and Service Levels

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Ticket Lifecycle The following describes the 4 lifecycle phases of a ticket from creation as it enters our system all the way through its resolution. Creation: As soon as the system sees a new ticket, it will automatically send the ticket contact an email stating that we’ve received the ticket and have begun reviewing it.  Diligex Support Representatives are also notified. Triage: Within … Read More

Hours and Holidays

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Our normal support hours are Monday – Friday 8:30AM – 6:30PM Eastern Time, excluding public holidays.   Customers with a 24×7 or extended hours contract will receive support according to their Service Level Agreement. On ’15 minute call back’ days, we do not man our telephones.  Please leave a voicemail and a Technician will respond within 15 minutes. 2020 Calendar … Read More