6 Tech Tips For The New Year

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6 Tech Tips For The New Year

6 Tech Tips For The New Year

As the New Year approaches, we often find ourselves making New Year’s resolutions in our personal lives.  Whether it’s to lose weight, read more, or clean out the garage. These are all great ideas, but don’t lose sight of your technology too. Some examples of tech resolutions to help simplify your life are just as important as shedding that extra holiday weight.  Here are our 6 tech tips for the New Year which will help keep your tech world as free and clear of clutter as your garage!

  1. Unsubscribe to unwanted email lists

    This includes promotional emails and newsletters. When deleting just isn’t working anymore, unsubscribing can free up the noise in your Inbox, as well as time spent sifting through all that Junk mail.  This will enable you to reclaim the space and remove the clutter from your email.  It may seem like a time consuming and daunting task, but if you take 5 minutes a day to take care of it – you’ll be through it in no time.  Click the “Unsubscribe” button!

  2. Organize your photos and files

    Whether you’re storing on your computer or in the cloud, it is important to keep things organized so you can access them quickly and easily. These days storage space isn’t always the issue; however you can use up a lot of valuable space if you are unorganized or have unwanted data.  Get into the habit of reviewing all your photos before removing or copying them off your camera card.  Only copy what you really want to save, to help save space.  There is software on the market that can help out with this task, but nothing beats your eyes only!

  3. Back up your personal data

    How important is your data to you? Whether it’s pictures, word documents or spreadsheets – imagine if they were lost and you were unable to replace them.  Years of memories in your pictures, or years of documentation that you refer to regularly – all gone.  An effective and reliable solution would be to subscribe to an Online Cloud Backup solution.  Storing your data in DropBox or Google Drive is a great storage solution and easy to use.  However, this is not a true backup solution, as it may be susceptible to Ransomware or other viruses.  Purchasing a true backup software or service will protect your data best.  If you’re looking for solutions that do not back up to the Cloud, then you can review Windows Backup or TimeMachine.  For solutions that utilize the Cloud for storing your backups, try CloudBerryLab or SOS Online Backup.

  4. Donate your old gently used tech devices

    If you’re like most people, you have collected technology that you are no longer using due to upgrades.  This is a great way to do get involved with different charities and share your unused gadgets.  What better way to experience the true sense of giving and helping others than to donate to a great cause.  Check out the EPA’s website for tips and locations for donation and recycling.  Be sure to reset your device to factory defaults so you are not giving away any personal information or data.

  5. Start using a password manager

    A password manager will help you organize, save and securely manage your passwords for all of your online accounts.  It may even help simplify your online experience by centrally locating all your usernames and passwords.  The app will encrypt your password database with one master password or passphrase so you don’t have to remember them all.   Take a look at these for example:  Keeper and Dashlane.

  6. Use strong passwords and implement Multi-factor Authentication

    With Phishing attempts becoming more common these days, increasing awareness just isn’t enough of a defense. Ensuring strong passwords (See The Art of creating a Secure Password) is a good first step.  Instituting a multi-factor authentication process to protect your valued website logins is another.  Most Cloud Apps offer this feature.  For example, see how Google and Microsoft help you enable the feature in their apps.

There are many ways to welcome in and enjoy your New Year.  Don’t forget to include your technology experiences in there as well.

Diligex wishes you a Happy and Healthy New Year!