Tips To Secure Your Google Meet

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tips to secure your google meet
Tips To Secure Your Google Meet

Google Meet is a great conferencing option for G-Suite subscribers and normal G-Mail users alike, to stay in touch with co-workers and loved ones. Meet is well integrated with Gmail and Google Calendar, making it easy to schedule a meeting with any coworker or other participant who has a Google account. In this quick post, we’ll discuss tips to secure your Google Meet. Note: some of the methods below are specifically for G-Suite subscribers.

Create and host meetings through a trusted device

We caution against using a public computer when logging into Google (or any web service for that matter), as passwords are easy to capture.

Setup your Meet with a password

G-Suite subscribers should set a meeting password when creating the Meet. This prevents non-invited users from joining the Meet.

Keep your Meet URL private

Never hand out the meeting URL to an unknown meeting participant. This is critical with the free version since the meet is public.  You do not want an unexpected guest to appear and disrupt your meeting.

Don’t allow control of your screen

If sharing your screen, don’t give control to meeting participants. Giving access to your screen or window will increase the risk of someone making unnecessary changes or granting unattended access to your computer.

Following these simple tips to secure your Google Meet can ensure a safe meeting with coworkers or friends. For more information on how Google keeps your meetings safe, see the following article.

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