Reinstalling macOS ConnectWise Automate Agent Via Control Commands

Eric TatePro Tip

If you utilize the ConnectWise suite of products to manage workstations that include Macs, you may have occasionally run into a need to reinstall your ConnectWise Automate agent due to lost communication or to troubleshoot a reporting issue. Whether it be due to a macOS update or a system issue, the ConnectWise Automate Mac agent has experienced occasional problems that have been discussed among many partners.

The last thing you want to do when dealing with a situation like this is have to interrupt your end users to connect into their computer to repair or reinstall your agent. Ideally, you’d handle the matter without having to get the end user involved. Well if you also utilize ConnectWise Control as part of your suite or any other ancillary tool that can perform command line functions in the background, you can use it to your advantage to reinstall your ConnectWise Automate agent without needing to get the end user involved.

DISCLAIMER: Diligex provides no guarantee for the process listed below. Your results may vary. Diligex is not responsible for any issues that you may experience. By proceeding, you are doing so at your own risk.

Use the following steps to reinstall your ConnectWise Automate Mac agent using background CLI via ConnectWise Control or another background command line service:

  1. Review your Automate server’s MAC signup settings and adjust to obtain your desired behavior.
  2. Log into your ConnectWise Automate Web Control Center to download a Mac agent installer. Use the generic installer.
  3. Upload the installer to a location that will be publicly accessible via URL.
  4. Use the following commands. Insert your own download URL where specified. Be sure to remove the asterisks when doing so.
sh /usr/local/ltechagent/
curl -0 **Insert agent download URL** -o /tmp/
unzip /tmp/ -d /tmp
installer -pkg /tmp/LTSvc.mpkg -target /

The four commands above are performing the following actions:

  1. Uninstalls the existing agent. If the agent is not currently installed, this command will fail. You can proceed.
  2. Downloads your generic ConnectWise Automate installer and transfers it to /tmp.
  3. Unzips your installer.
  4. Installs the agent in the default install location. Based on your MAC signup settings, the newly installed agent should bind to the computer’s existing ID in ConnectWise Automate and maintain its existing location.

When done, remove your publicly hosted installer file or set the URL to private.

By following this process, you’ll save your team quite a bit of time while also eliminating the need to interrupt your end users. We hope that you experience great success when doing so.