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Automotive Dealers, Shops and Parts Retailers rely on their IT Systems to close deals, repair vehicles and ship parts.  Your team needs to stay operational 100% of the time - downtime is not an option.  Back-office matters such as IT can drain valuable time and resources away from what matters to your business.  You need a Trusted IT Partner that you can count on to keep your team and business operational.  

An IT Provider who can keep up with your demands and fast pace environment is critical to your companies success.  We understand that you require immediate support to help fix IT issues whenever and wherever they happen.

Diligex is well versed with the needs of Auto Dealers, Auto Shops and Auto Parts Dealers.  We understand the challenges your company faces.  We have experience with your workflow, applications and hardware requirements.

IT Services for Auto Dealers and Shops

    • Industry specific software expertise:
      • ADP/CDK
      • Reynolds
      • DealerTrack
      • NetStar
      • UDC Momentum/Revolution
      • SnapOn, ProQuest
      • QuickBooks, Xero
    • Internet / WiFi / network design, installation and management
    • Flat-rate, unlimited use of our NYC Local Help Desk Technicians
    • One-stop-shop for all IT Support matters.  We work with your IT vendors.
    • Infrastructure monitoring and management under our Managed IT platform
    • Onsite Support when required
    • Office 365 and G-Suite licensing and management
    • Virtual Desktops allow your team to roam between locations and desks without loosing work 
    • Cloud based, automated data backup solutions
    • Project Management
    • Strategic IT Consulting

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    Your own IT Department for a fraction of the cost of a single employee.

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      5 Reasons why Auto Dealers, Auto Shops and Parts Dealers should Outsource their IT Support.

        Human Capital. Your staff should be focusing on selling and quotas not IT Issues.  Diligex provides an entire IT Department for a fraction of the cost of a single employee.

        Technical Focus. You will need talented IT engineers with a broad range of IT skills and experience. By outsourcing IT, you get the depth and breadth of IT experience you need but can’t yet afford.

        Create a foundation for growth. An agile IT environment permits you to expand IT infrastructure quickly as you capture business opportunities.

        Avoid Wasted Expenses. As your storage and end-user demands grow, it makes sense to “turn-up” capacity rather than use your valuable capital to purchase it. Just pay for what you use rather than throw capital away on hardware and software that you will  need to maintain, upgrade and eventually replace.

        Time. Don’t waste your time doing patching, upgrades, and maintenance on your IT infrastructure. Get experts to do network connectivity, security, backup, disaster recovery, database administration, manage software applications, and more.

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