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The Tray Icon also provides quick access to system information and the Client Portal.


Where to find the icon

Tray icon menu options

Creating a service ticket

Where to find the icon

Tray Icon looks like this

On MAC, the icon is found in the top icon bar

On Windows, the icon is found in the tray notification area on PC (in the lower right corner near the clock)

Showing the tray icon on a PC

If you don’t see the Tray Icon, your PC is likely set to hide icons by default.  You can tell your PC to show the icon by clicking the double carrot (up arrows) in your Tray notifications area, then click customize.

Find the LabTech Tray / Diligex Managed IT icon in the list and set it to ‘Show icon and notifications’, then click OK.

Tray Icon menu options

 PC Menu MAC Menu
  • Send Status – Sends Diligex the status of your machine (not used).
  • Screen Capture – Sends Diligex a fresh screenshot of your machine (not used).
  • Update Inventory – Sends Diligex current information about your machine (not used).
  • Create Service Ticket – Creates a service ticket in our system.  Allows a screenshot to be attached to the ticket.
  • See Service Ticket Status – Takes you to our Client Portal, where you can see the history of all tickets including those being worked on (PC only).
  • System Information: Provides a Diligex Technician with useful information about your PC, such as the computer name.
  • Help – Takes you to this webpage.

Creating a service ticket

Creating a service ticket from the tray menu is fast and painless.  Just make sure that your work email address is in the from field, give a brief description in the subject field, a detailed issue in the body, and attach a screenshot if you would like.

PC Create Service Ticket
MAC Create Service Ticket