Why You Should Change Your Cell Phone Email Signature

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Why You Should Change Your Cell Phone Email Signature

Why You Should Change Your Cell Phone Email Signature

Email has become a core component of our everyday lives. For most people, the amount of times that email is checked and/or sent on a daily basis surely exceeds many other digital activities. Everything about our emails – from our email address itself to our style of writing, helps form our digital identity and reflects our overall character. With that in mind, controlling that image of your digital presence is an important task. Here is why you should change your cell phone email signature from the default.

A large amount of our time interacting with email is done via our cell phones. Those phones are a place where our character really shines through within our app selection and custom configurations. But there is a tarnish to that image that gets implemented by cell phone manufacturers and service providers – one that can add a wrinkle to our digital character: default email signatures. You’ve probably seen them plenty of times. Examples such as the subtle “Sent from my iPhone” to the unnecessarily elaborate “Sent from my HTC One X, an AT&T 4G LTE smartphone” plague an otherwise clean looking email.

Why is this a problem and what can you do to counteract it? Read along to see why and how you should change your cell phone’s default email signature.


There are quite a few great reasons to change the default email signature that may be active on your cell phone.

  • Don’t provide free advertising

    You’ve most likely paid hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars for your cell phone as well as the carrier service that its used on. With all that money that you’re paying, you shouldn’t need to give them free advertising as well. Every email sent with a default email signature like the ones mentioned above are providing advertising and your endorsement of the device and/or service that is in the signature.

  • Location awareness

    When an email is labeled as clearly having come from a cell phone, it can possibly bring up questions as to whether you are where you are supposed to be. For example, if your boss receives an email from you that has a signature stating “Sent from my iPhone” when they expect that you’re at your desk with access to your email on your computer, they may wonder if you’re instead playing hooky and sending your email while sipping margaritas on the beach.

  • Priority awareness

    If your email conversation is regarding a critical matter or has high importance, recipients may question whether you are giving them the priority the conversation deserves if the message is being sent from a cell phone instead of a computer, where you may be able to provide additional detail or insight. Removing the default email signature helps alleviate that risk.


The method to change your default email signature will vary by device. Below are instructions for iOS devices such as an iPhone or iPad as well as Android devices. In addition, if you use the Microsoft Outlook app on your cell phone, it has its own process. If you use a different device, a third party email app, or if the referenced instructions do not work for you, consult your phone or app’s manual for instructions.

Now what?

Now that you have rid your cell phone of its unwanted addition, you may be wondering if there is anything that you can replace it with that would be beneficial. If it is associated with an email account for your business, the signature is prime real estate to advertise yourself instead of others. Go ahead and add a link to your company’s website and/or social media pages. If it’s your personal email, the same still applies. Have a website you’d like to show off or want to get more Twitter followers? Go ahead and showcase your character in your email signature.

Help take control of your image by taking control of your cell phone’s identity. Here at Diligex, we utilize the latest technologies available to help our clients have the best email experience available. If you’re interested in learning more about how Diligex can help your business thrive and take the worry out of your I.T. needs, reach out to us at https://diligex.com/contact/